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InPower Institute   |   A Center for Community Healing and Optimal Living


Reclaiming Intentional Living

Mainstream ideas of “intentional living” fall short. It is not enough to be a “vegan,” with no understanding of food deserts and food inaccessibility. It is not enough to be a “minimalist,” if one neglects to acknowledge housing inequality and generational trauma among people of color. Living an intentional lifestyle is also living a socially…

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Black August

From the plantation field to the White House, black women took an active role in the Civil War.  These women were the chief source of information.  In fact, free and enslaved black women who were operating as spies, scouts, couriers and guides were willing and able to offer enormous support to Union military personnel and…

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Feeling at Home in the Wild

Some people think of the wild as dangerous because of its unpredictability. It also lacks industrialized amenities. I like to think of the wild as untamed. It pushes us to be creative and resourceful. Darkness cannot be confronted with a flick of a switch – you must gather the wood and spark the light. And,…

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Unqualified YASSSS!

I invite you along a journey to redefine fitness. Take a few deep breaths and, as you release, imagine “fitness” as a passionate threesome of your mind, body and soul, where you playfully explore your zenith of potential as a limitlessly fluid being. Now, empower yourself with another deep breath. This time before you release,…

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The Gospel According to Lorren

Through his theological imagination, the Apostle Paul wrote letters to communities of faith meant to encourage and proclaim the good news.  Similarly, this letter is my attempt to empower women to embrace their sexuality in ways that honor them and resist ways others use tradition to put their bodies under subjection for the exploitation of…

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The Power of Saying ‘Yes’ to the Experiences of Black Womxn

The source material we call “daily life” is full of parables, psalms, and allegories that have the ability to loosen mental, emotional and spiritual chains. As Black women, we are alive with histories, jokes, and life lessons. Monologues sparked by living slide from our lips in improv fashion during conversation. Our very imaginations create characters…

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“Cancel Culture,” Cancelled?

At the forefront of today’s movements for social justice, you will find black women. It doesn’t matter the issue because our unique experience at the intersection of oppressed identities makes us primed for frontline action. In the midst of this activity, we are creating cultural norms and behaviors that help shape and define our time.…

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Enjoy The Process! Enjoy Life!

“Enjoy the Process!” I heard InPower Institute Director, Dr. April, say during a Spirit Rising session. She had no clue that God had vividly spoken these same words to me years prior, in 2014. She reminded us that so often we are trying to get things “done” instead of enjoying the process and enjoying life.…

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Liberated Living: Insights From Our Founder

Spring and summer are finally here, surrounding us with new life that is fresh, vibrant and hopeful!  Everything seems to be in full bloom and is flaunting its radiance.  For the flowers and trees, this is not a time for subdued responses to life’s provocations, but rather an opportunity for glorious celebrations of their multicolored…

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