Our Truth

Founded by Rebeccah Bennett in 2010, InPower Institute is a center for community healing whose mission is to advance a more just and vibrant world through community healing and well-being initiatives that unleash people power. At InPower, we understand that our greatest resource for actualizing our mission lies right at our core.

For us the implications of this truth are profound - to heal the persistent traumas of human life and liberate our species’ full potential we must consciously engage the untapped power that lies within us and our communities. Unleashing this power spurs unparalleled human growth and creativity and connection, endowing us with the very capacities we need to create a more just and vibrant world.

Our Work

Our work is to help people effectively utilize their power so that they manifest wholeness and well-being in every aspect of their lives. To successfully perform this work, we have established a community of healers, sages, seekers, teachers, change agents, activists, spirit workers, earth allies, artists, revolutionaries and blooming humans who share our deep-seated commitment to both self-actualization and community transformation. We come together in pursuit of love-centered ways of being that help us to reevaluate and reject the fear-based conditioning that underlies most human suffering and all forms of oppression. Individually and collectively, we call upon our courage, passions, resources, connections, skills and wisdom to turn life’s messes into medicines that are capable of healing us, our species and our planet.

As part of our work, we co-create
community healing spaces that:

Tend to both the core and the conditions of our people

Lovingly bear witness to our truths

Affirm our power and sufficiency under all circumstances

Inspire and encourage our most authentic self-expressions

Provide platforms for us to exercise our purpose and our power

Bring us into right relationship with ourselves and others

Seed the healed future for succeeding generations

Challenge beliefs, structures and systems that endanger our lives

Our Roots

Our reach is global, extending to all who endeavor to positively transform themselves and the human condition. Yet our roots are deeply embedded in the fertile ground of African diaspora families and cultures; black womanhood and sisterhood; ancestor reverence; indigenous wisdom traditions; liberation theology; and movements for queer and trans rights and racial, social and economic justice. We acknowledge, with gratitude, our roots for they anchor our identities and shape our living and healing practices. They also guide our work, enabling us to stand our ground when the forces of fear try to confuse us or destroy that which we hold dear. We owe our resilience, genius and magic to these life-giving sources, which simultaneously connect us to our most authentic selves and to that which is greater than ourselves.

Our reach is global... yet our roots are deeply embedded in African diaspora families and cultures.

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