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We are a community of culture bearers, healers, sages, seekers, ritualists, teachers, change makers, activists, spirit workers, earth allies, artists, revolutionaries and blooming humans working to advance wholeness and well-being for ourselves and our peoples!

Our many practices and paths are united by a shared purpose – to advance a more just and vibrant world through community healing and well-being initiatives that unleash people power. You are vital to our purpose. We’ve been waiting for you!

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Meet Our Founder
& Root Teacher

Rebeccah Bennett, InPower Institute’s founder and root teacher, is a serial community builder, cultural visionary and community healer. Her mission is to seed healed futures by helping people manifest the best within themselves and create communities that sustain the best in us all. For more than 25 years, she has inspired, coached, trained, and helped tens of thousands of people and hundreds of organizations elevate human consciousness and conditions.

As part of her life's work, Rebeccah established InPower Institute in 2010 as a center for personal growth and community healing. In 2016, she worked through InPower to launch two communities of practice: The Black Healers Collective and Spirit Rising – A Community For The Soul. Along with its communities of practice, InPower offers programs and services that not only help people to survive, but also enable them to thrive.

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