Inpower Institute Insights

Shea Butter

Written By: Brittíni “Ree Belle” Gray  |  April 15, 2019

We do not question the rain when she pours, because she is expected to

We do not shun the sun for shining, because he was created to do just that

We do not ask the flower to be a tree, or the land to be sea

For creation is never confused about who it is or where it should be

So why then do we expect less from beings who desire to be free…

He say we be shea butter-

With the drum, I came back to my genesis. In a moment, all the disappointment of how black women have been discarded (weighing on my heart till this point) melted away. Replaced with sweet feels of loving warmth, remembrance, and home.

In Jamaica, i came to know a people who were free.  A people whose existence was for their own well-being. Whose work was solely in service to their people. They were the fruit of the labor of a woman who dared to do more than dream, but strategize into being what she knew her people deserved and were worth.

The trip to a new home reawakened my senses. With a sensuality revived, i returned knowing more of the sweetness i wanted to have in life, and the zeal, passion, and part of a blueprint to make it happen…

Each journey forward, is a pilgrimage to before

Every new encounter, is a soul once known

Essential becomes luxury, then basic again

Existence is eternal in the exchange of ideas

Engagement and convergence renew power for what is to come

-He say we do alchemy!