Inpower Institute Insights

The Right Relationship

Written By: Jessireé Jenkins  |  October 15, 2019

 One day our mothers will ask
“Who do you love completely?”
May we grow to respond
“Ourselves. Ourselves. Our lovely selves”

Relationships are a beautiful struggle. We are literally birthed into them. Families teach us the dynamics before we get out into the world, and mold us, for better or for worse.  They teach us lessons, build bonds, break hearts, close gaps, foster communication, force growth, and have the ability to serve as a medium for time travel. Yes, you read that right, time travel.

All relationships, good, bad, or ugly, allow us to see ourselves at different points in our lives. Whether it’s imagining who is sitting in that rocking chair next to us during our retirement years, or remembering who was holding our hand as we learned how to cross the street, or who taught us that, “everything that glitters ain’t gold,” relationships are undeniably integral in our journeys. Relationships are also magical. The right relationships can heal, mend, and be a salve for the heart, mind, and soul.

While it can be easy to get swept away in building with others, do not neglect the relationship with self. Know that those ships we harbor can sail away, but the one we have with ourselves is anchored forever. Nurture and love on yourself and watch it radiate to all those who cross your path. Be love, y’all.