Inpower Institute Insights

Feeling at Home in the Wild

Written By: Lorren Z. Buck, M.Div.  |  August 1, 2019

Some people think of the wild as dangerous because of its unpredictability. It also lacks industrialized amenities. I like to think of the wild as untamed. It pushes us to be creative and resourceful. Darkness cannot be confronted with a flick of a switch – you must gather the wood and spark the light. And, there’s no porcelain commode that conveniently discards waste with the push of a lever – you’ve got to dig a hole and squat.

In astrology, I am a Leo and often a lion is used to depict the nature of this zodiac sign. A lion in the zoo moves quite differently than one in its natural habitat. They are both fierce and powerful, but one is tamed. The tamed lioness is taught how to restrain herself to appear less threatening. If she does what is commanded by the trainer, she is rewarded. Food, water, shelter, exercise and even interaction are controlled by zookeepers. I too once lived a tamed life. It was tamed by my middle-class upbringing where I had sufficient material accommodations. In it, I was taught how to moderate my blackness and my femaleness so that others would be comfortable.

A lioness in her natural habitat has no comprehension of minimizing her voice in the presence of others. She isn’t restricted in her movement. She fully embraces herself and her roar is a praise to both the creator and herself. God has taken this lioness and set her loose to be sustained by nature, not a trainer. In this environment, her instincts are sharp and she unapologetically embodies her power.

Adjusting to the wild after being tamed has not been an easy feat. I’m no less grateful. God imbedded within me the desire to express myself differently, as a pastor, and is birthing through me a call that I never could have imagined. There’s so much to explore and, with each moment, I am embracing it more and more. The wild is no longer a dangerous place for me – it is my home.