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Your Answer Will Find You

Written By: Cheeraz Gormon  |  April 1, 2019

A short two years ago, I started on the work of understanding where trauma lives in my bloodline. I recounted stories and family secrets that I ear hustled while grown folks were talking, or that they shared with me in a matter-of-fact way, over holiday plate fixing.

The known history of violence that my family has experienced is jarring to me. As I gaze upon pictures of my kinfolk, my heart hurts knowing what many of them endured. Not all of them survived. And it’s because of their pain, and my own, that I have intentionally set out on a journey to heal.

My journey moved to new heights during InPower’s Summer Healing Intensive in Jamaica. On my way to the airport, I made an internal promise to be wide open to whatever experience awaited our team there. God only knew that something very special was in store for me. The breakthrough that I experienced directly aligned with my heart’s desire to undo the unspeakable thinks that had been done to both me and my ancestors.

In the midst of loving sisterhood, lush vegetation and brilliant sunshine came a thunderous downpour of rain and sonic healing balm. The medicinal power of the drum awakened in my hands, reaching deep inside me to tend to the wounds of my heart and soul. The drum spoke of my ancestor’ grief and greatness and gave me a practice for healing my bloodline.

My connection to the drum was unexpected, but life altering. It taught me that if you’re on a search and stay open, your answers will surely find you.