Inpower Institute Insights

Enjoy The Process! Enjoy Life!

Written By: Lisa M. Pettis, PhD  |  May 15, 2019

“Enjoy the Process!” I heard InPower Institute Director, Dr. April, say during a Spirit Rising session. She had no clue that God had vividly spoken these same words to me years prior, in 2014. She reminded us that so often we are trying to get things “done” instead of enjoying the process and enjoying life. This was an important message for me and one that I have struggled to master.

By the end of 2018 I was on my journey, finishing one more milestone and waiting for joy to follow. While I thought that I would be getting a job after graduation, it didn’t happen. Instead, I was back in school and wondering why I was still not enjoying the process – not enjoying my life.

During a spiritual reflection with Lorren Buck, I expressed that I was tired of constantly fighting for life’s bounties, opportunities and fulfillments. She affirmed that sometimes we do have to fight. And then she asked sweetly, “What happens when you stop fighting?”

I thought about Lorren’s question and realized that there were times when I stopped struggling and witnessed great things come forth in my life. So, maybe there was something to not “fighting” all the time. This is, of course, easier said than done.

My understanding finally began to deepen during a visit with my sister over Christmas break. Instead of striving for a specific outcome, I decided to just be fully present.  We spent time cooking and cleaning together, shopping, attending plays, watching movies with my nephew, singing a duet in church, and even climbing to the top of Red Rocks Mountain together! We had a ball! Finally, I’m learning to take time to enjoy the process and to enjoy my life!