Inpower Institute Insights

There Comes Sunshine

Written By: Lisa Pettis, PhD  |  March 1, 2019

Have you had times in your life when it seemed as if the sun just wouldn’t shine? I know I have. I’ve had days when it felt like whatever bad could happen did. My husband’s job was jeopardized when the organization he worked for was sold. I took another trip to the hospital due to anxiety and paranoia. My child moved away after reconnecting following a year of separation. I felt spiritual disconnection from a dear friend and struggled with the death of a family member after a bound with cancer. The list of hardships in my life kept going on and on. I wanted to give up. Nothing really matters, I thought. Why should I keep trying? What do I have to live for? But then in the midst of all of that sorrow, came rays of sunshine. My husband landed a new job. I developed healing and grounding skills to deal with anxiety and paranoia. I realized that my child’s moving away wasn’t so bad, especially since she call often for comfort and advice. New spiritual friends entered my life. And, I received a wonderful opportunity to offer my gifts through InPower Institute! This is a true story! I encountered an awesome spirit at InPower where we “unleash the infinite power within so that we lead extraordinary lives and create a more just and vibrant world. The ladies there told me that they’d been waiting for me and were excited to have me on the team. I am delighted that God led me to InPower Institute! I have met all of these wonderful and amazing women, and I am looking forward to the work we will do together. Whatever you days bring, I wish you sunshine.