Breaking Away from Hierarchy: The Gentle Parenting Approach

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Fee: $1,500

In these times of pandemic and increased remote work, the boundaries between parenting and working have been blurred for some and completely eviscerated for others. More parents find themselves stressed and struggling when managing both sets of responsibilities. And if we parents are honest, most of us would admit that the quality and quantity of our parenting gets degraded under these circumstances.

We often resort to command and control parenting styles when collaboration, communication and shared understanding are most needed. To move from the former to the latter is not just about learning new parenting tips. It’s also about hacking our conditioning by colonial systems to maintain power over our children.

*Gentle parenting is rooted in our desire to dismantle oppressive family dynamics and heal our relationships. It’s about choosing the parenting practices that most align with our highest selves. Join us in learning tools that help us transform our connections with our children and cultivate environments of heightened wellness for all.