The Black Healers Collective

Session Leader(s):

Date: Second Friday of each month
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Fee: Free!
Participants: Black Healers
Location: Online and in-person. In person meetings are held at Clay School on the second Fridays of February, April and June.

The BHC is a community of change agents working to advance the healing and wholeness of African diaspora people. Our commitment to the well-being of black people, families and communities extends to all of humanity and life on Earth, yet is rooted in the deep and abiding love we have for ourselves and our culture. BHC members engage in healing practices, programs and partnerships that support the Black Community in:  1) “re-membering” itself – repairing that which feels fragmented and broken within its households, families and neighborhoods; 2) expressing its truths and exercising its power; and 3) creating healed futures that affirm and uplift Black lives.  As part of this work, the BHC curates healing spaces with other groups, organizations and initiatives to help them foster deepened states of well-being for their members and communities.

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