Liberated Healthcare: Creating Integrative Health Environments in Culturally Diverse Settings

Fee: $1,500

Through Liberated Healthcare, Afua Bromley offers a systems level introduction to and discussion of transforming healthcare delivery settings. She champions the development of a patient-centered integrative health paradigm. This paradigm can be established in different types of care settings, which include an in-house team of diverse health professionals, an external network of care or a hybrid coalition of internal and external providers. Whatever the setting, this session will emphasize creating holistic plans of care – physical, psychological and spiritual – that empower patients to assume greater leadership in their health.

In addition to promoting patient empowerment, this session will provide an overview of the different roles of health professionals from various traditions around the world – Ayurveda, Acupuncture and Chinese/Japanese/Korean Medicine, and herbal medicine (from South and Central America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Native American homelands). Though this list of traditions is not exhaustive, participants will gain a better understanding of each modality’s healing potential. This session is two-hours, but can be expanded to a 6+ hour intensive if there is sufficient interest.