Balm: Community Healing As A Pathway To Liberation

Session Leader(s):

Fee: $3,000

In a society addicted to supremacy and stratified by racial, economic and social caste systems, inclusion is a figment of our collective imagination without real work towards community healing. “Repressive behavior, sadistic power relations, competitive greed to exploit, dominate and humiliate – and our accommodations to these insults – are by now conditioned into the nervous systems of each member of our ‘civilized’ societies.” Whatever our stations, the ubiquity of our wounding is breathtakingly inescapable and manifests as the high prevalence of personal dis-ease and societal distress.

Changing our current state requires an intentional focus on individual and community healing. After all, it’s transformed people who transform systems. Learn about an emerging framework for community healing that is arising from racial equity movement work, pandemic response initiatives and deep-seeded cultural practice. Panelists from InPower Institute and the Black Healers Collective will share insights from their efforts to build a community healing field of practice that helps groups process social harm and build transformative resilience.