"I’m no longer accepting the
things I cannot change…
I’m changing the things
I cannot accept.”

- Sojourner Angela Davis

Leading Liberation Retreat Series

Leading Liberation is a retreat initiative that provides vision, healing and relationship supports to Black, Indigenous, Women of Color who are advancing social transformation and community liberation through their positional leadership and/or change-making efforts. A critical mass of these women now exercises formal and informal power within their organizations, communities and geographic regions. Their gains are real, yet they frequently find themselves ideologically and culturally isolated within their institutional settings and larger operating contexts. The consequences of such isolation include chronic stress, targeted interference from systems and structures they work within, routine positional trauma, and increased difficulty manifesting their visions of community liberation and well-being.


Though the above-mentioned consequences are dire, they are not insurmountable. Affirmations of their visions for personal and community liberation, cultivation of healing and well-being practices, and the development of intentional community with similarly committed leaders can serve as positive resources that fortify them on their leadership journeys. Fortification is key in these times of widespread turbulence and gross systems dysfunction. Positive resources, invested in BIPOC women who are at “the tip of the spear” of change, can help to develop their abilities to turn change, disruption, stress and shock into new opportunities, strengths, social innovations and solutions. Stated more plainly, these resources can help to facilitate the emergence of transformative resilience among those who are working to evolve our systems, structures and societies.

As a retreat initiative, Leading Liberation combines leadership and healing resources for BIPOC women who are catalyzing change. It includes three distinct, though overlapping, retreat experiences that include:

One-Day Intensive

Standing At The Crossroads:

An Introduction To The Intersections of Liberation, Healing & Well-Being

Three-Day Weekend Retreat

Your Life Matters:

On Personal Liberation & Well-Being For The Servant Leader

Three-Day Weekend Retreat

Seeding The Healed Future:

Advancing Community Liberation & Healing

To book one or more retreats in the Leading Liberation Retreat Series, email info@inpowerinstitute.com.