Kristian Blackmon -

Kristian Blackmon

Kristian Blackmon embodies the essence of solidarity through her work as a curator and organizer who works to dismantle oppressive systems.  Her passion lies in the fight for black liberation, which challenges  the injustice and oppression that negatively impact ALL people.  She is the creator and curator of two art based projects: “Invisible No More” that speaks to the plight of Black Women and “I STILL love her” which is a celebration of Women in Hip Hop. Kristian is the former regional organizer of the economic justice organization, Missouri Jobs with Justice. During her time at JWJ she worked with the Fight for 15 and a Union campaign, helped to save the St. Louis City’s earnings tax, worked with the collation to protect voting rights and was one of the lead organizers to help increase the minimum wage in the City of St.Louis.