When God Says Go…

Session Leader(s):

Date: May 20 - July 8 & July 29 - Sept 16
Time: Morning Session: 11am-12:30pm CT Afternoon Session: 2pm-3:3-pm CT
Fee: 30% off discount with code INPWR23
Location: Sessions meet virtually on Saturdays

7 weeks, 7 women, 7 wonders

When God Says Go… is all about the emergence of our next highest self. The seeing, hearing, and allowing of Divine energies to guide our formation. This 7 week pilgrimage of 7 women will explore 7 postures of the spirit on the road to regeneration. With individual work and communal support, this workshop styled group feels more like a fireside sister chat than anything. Together we will move from Epiphany towards Jubilee with deeply rooted group activities and practical applications.

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