september, 2018

Spiritual Direction: Companionship for the Soul's JourneyBy Appointment OnlyYear Around Event (2018) InPower InstituteEvent Category:Spiritual Growth & Discovery

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“Carolyn holds the hand of your Soul allowing it to go just where it needs to go.” This is how one client recently described my work. Struck by her words, I asked: “How do I do such?” She responded, “By using everything you’ve learned holding the hand of your own soul through so much fire!” Her words describe my work well: It is an honor to hold space for you as you tune towards Soul. Sometimes the first voice of Soul is grief; always there is a longing to transcend the smallness of limiting beliefs and oppressive conditioning to open to wider dimensions of faith and life! My tools are passionate prayer, body centered listening, cultivating consciousness, dream work, emotional release work, oppression awareness, grief work, and healing ceremony. Either one-on-one or in small groups, it is my pleasure to help you grow your spiritual wings.

Session Leader

Carolyn Griffeth


Year Around Event (2018)


InPower Institute


All are welcome


$50 an hour/ negotiable. First consultation is free.